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Did you know this about Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is close! You have probably heard of the origin of the holiday, which is named after St. Valentine, a saint from the 3rd century. He was imprisoned and sentenced to death for his Christian faith, as the Romans still considered Christians to be heretics at the time. One of the legends says that his main transgression was the reporting of young couples in secret, contrary to the emperor's order. In prison, he was visited by the blind jailer's daughter, whom he fell in love with. He wrote poems to her and restored her sight with his requests. So much for refreshing the memory.

Now you can check out how much you still know about Valentine’s Day with the questions below.

1. How many Valentine's Day greetings are sent each year around the world?

a) 20 million

b) billion

c) two billion

2. When did England officially declare Valentine’s Day a holiday?

a) 1437

b) 1537

c) 1637

3. Which English ruler did this?

a) Henry VI

b) Charles I

c) Henry VIII

4. Who made the first heart-shaped bonboniere for Valentine's Day?

a) Richard Cadbury

b) John Cadbury

c) Jack Cadbury

5. From which century does the oldest known Valentine's Day greeting come from?

a) 14

b) 15

c) 16

6. In South Korea, Valentine’s Day begins on February 14 and lasts until April 14.

a) true

b) false

Answers: 1 c, 2 b, 3 c, 4 a, 5 b, 6 a

Here are some ideas for greetings in Slovene, if they ever come in handy - you know, love or friendship knows no bounds ...

For partners, lovers:

  • Ljubiti nekoga je kot obljubiti in to tudi storiti. Vedeti moraš le koga in zakaj; enkrat pa tudi za vekomaj!
  • Samo v srcu lahko dosežeš nebesa.
  • LJUBIM TE, to besedi sta dve, ki napisati se ju zlahka ne da. Napiše ju lahko le ta, ki ljubezen čuti iz srca.
  • Lepa je Francija, še lepši Pariz, a za mlade najlepši fancoski je KISS!
  • Srce in dušo ti dam, ker te na svetu najrajši imam.
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