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How to go to Jezikovno Mesto

How to reach us? Below are brief instructions on how to find us.

We are located at this location: Vojkova 58, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Before you set off, enter in the GPS: "Jezikovno Mesto" and the navigation will bring you exactly in front of the building. Do not enter the street "Vojkova 58" in the navigation, as it will lead you in the wrong direction.

By car:

You drive along Vojkova cesta and turn at the yellow sign "Avtopralnica" into Lužiško-srbska street. Drive straight to the white building on the left, where you park on the left side of the building.

Parking is free. Park in the left part of the parking lot, where it is not marked reserved for other company.

Our classrooms are located in the white building on the left, on the first floor on the left, at the end of the corridor.

By city bus

 LPP line 6, 13, 19 or 20,  

Get off at the station: line 13 and 20 Fire brigade, line 19 Topniška, line 6: Stadion (direction towards the center) and Mercator (direction towards the ring road).

From Vojkova cesta turn at this yellow sign into Lužiško-srbsko street.

location - here we turn into the street Lužiško-srbska ulica.

učilnica 2
classroom 2

učilnica 3
classroom 3
učilnica 4
classroom 4

učilnica 1 - za individualne tečaje
classroom 1

contact us info@jezikovno-mesto.com or +38630773677.

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