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Slovene course for beginners A1 online

23.01.2024 - 27.05.2024
15:30 - 17:00
Online - Zoom

We are starting a new Slovene course for beginners in Ljubljana.

The course will be held on Tuesdays, 15:30 - 17:00, online on Zoom. 

The teacher is a native Slovene and speaks English.

In our 40-hour Slovene course, you will get all the materials printed and free access to our Study online platform for studying at home.

What we will learn?

  • 1 A: Dober dan! / Good day!

greeting and presentation in formal and informal environments, telephone conversation, alphabet, personal data, business cards, nationality, countries, languages, professions, numbers (1-10), polite phrases, personal pronouns, verbs, verb to be and not to be, nominative: male, female and neutral gender

  • 1 B: Kdo si? / Who are you?

Presentations, social status, professions, nationalities, celebrities, world landmarks, singular, dual, plural (nominative), present tense verbs: buy, study, think, ...

  • 1 C: Moja družina / My family

Relationships, description of a person, family, pronouns (mine, yours, ...), verbs in the present tense: ending - ATI (to work, to paint ...)

We will teach you everything you need on the Slovene online course for beginners, from the alphabet all the way to being able to excel in fluent conversation at work, tourism, casual chat, or meeting new people.

We have a very well-developed Slovenian language program for foreigners, with which we help students learn Slovenian step by step and enjoy it. We shouldn't overwhelm them with all the rules and endings right from the start.


In the foreground is communication, new words with which we build sentences, and only through concrete examples in dialogues and in sentences, we help them with rules, as with shortcuts to more and more correct expressions. The courses are held both online via video conference and live here in Ljubljana.

What learning material is available?

The bonus that our students have is the SOL (Study Online Language) online platform, which allows many added exercises with instant solutions, audio and video clips for listening and imitation, graphic visual displays of vocabulary and grammar, phonetic exercises, songs, and cultural highlights. You can use a very useful box, a set of board games for learning and consolidating Slovenian Lingopoly - Who are they? At the same time, you will have fun together and strengthen your Slovenian.

Why learn Slovene?

Students choose to learn foreign languages ​​before embarking on a trip when they return from travel and have found out how useful it would be to know the language. The reason is also moving or looking for a better job. Some need it because of work and doing business with strangers. Children learn other content that they do not do in school and strengthen brain connections. Some people watch series, and movies or listen to music in foreign languages​​ and because they already understand a lot, they want to get their knowledge from the passive to the active form.


If you are interested fill out the application below. Hope we meet each other and greet in Slovene 🙂


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